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Culver Lake is one of the finest natural bodies of spring-fed freshwater lakes in the East. It has an area of approximately 555 acres and a shoreline roughly six and a half miles long. The lake is 830 feet above sea level and has a maximum depth of about fifty feet. On the north, the Appalachian Mountain trail creates a beautiful landscape in all seasons and is a popular backdrop for photographers. 


This private lake community has a rich history and generations of families have enjoyed its friendly, wholesome atmosphere.  Whether it’s sailing on a breezy day, experiencing the thrill of tubing, casting a line for a wide mouth bass, or just getting together with friends & family on the dock at sunset for cocktails Culver Lake allows us to relax, have fun and be with those we love.


We hope you enjoy the website and come back again and again… just like we do every season.


It's a big wide wonderful lake you're leaving

Bet all the time you'll be grieving for sun on the dock

And the Normanoch News (Normanoch News)

It's a great wide Sussex blue sky, the one day

Tent's a lawn party,

Then Sunday brings higher aspires,

The Chapel float cruise, (the Chapel float cruise)

It's the birches billowing up,

It's the franks from Tail of the Pup, 

It's the Haltere movies, the beer at Don's CrossRoads.

So goodbye to the cry of the loon

And the roast duck down at McKeown's.

You may fake, but

Your heart will still be at the lake.

It's the skating rink down at Pete's,

It's the walk to Wenzel's for treats,

It's the brew at Normanoch View,

It's the Jack Stehr's Lodge.

So goodbye Culvermere, lake romances

And Saturday night clubhouse dances.

Oh, it's no break, 

That you're leaving the lake.

sailboat 2.png

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