Programming the Effector Flowmeter Display

Each aerator air flow can be monitored very accurately on the individual effector flowmeters. They are normally set for “scfm” standard cubic feet per minute as shown by the left most LED green indicator being lit. If for some reason, the setting is changed, the following procedure will restore the program back to displaying scfm.

With power on, press “mode/enter” until EF is displayed. Press “set” and HI is displayed

Press “mode/enter” until UNI, press and hold “set “until display stops blinking

Press “set” when scfm is displayed, then press “mode/enter” to complete the program.

The display will read 0.0 when there is no air flow. The maximum air flow reading is 134 scfm. Do not exceed 100 scfm on any aeration device as this is the maximum air flow tolerated. Total airflow capacity of compressors is about 220-240 SCFM.

Paul Sutphen