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General Description
Culver Lake experienced poor clarity in the latter 20th century due to algae densities that interfered with recreational activities. In the early 1990’s, a layer aeration system was installed to prevent recirculation of internal phosphate, oxygenate the hypolimnium and to provide improved habitat for fish. The aeration system is composed of an air supply system, interconnecting air lines and the in-lake aerators consisting of 1-hypoliminetic unit (Hypo), 2-layer aeration units (L1, L2) and 1- continuous mixing diffuser (CMD).


  • Sullair compressors: Two motor driven, constant speed, constant flow, screw drive Sullair compressors. Model numbers are LS10-30 Ser.N. 003-80538 and LS10–40 Ser.N 003-80537. Total HP 70. Supplied 3 phase 480 volt. Rated outlet pressure is 110-120 psi. Rated cfm is 110 for the 30 and 140 for the 40 for a total of 250 cfm. In summer, typical is about 225-240 cfm. Capacity test was run in 2018 and both units pulled their rated amps. They are operated wide open for maximum efficiency (otherwise, air is recirculated to the inlet).
    Installed in 1990 and with the exception of a motor rewind, the pair have operated flawlessly after tens of thousands of hours. Each aeration device has its own supply line and mass flow meter. Air flow is regulated by a globe valve after the flow meter. They are not operated by supply pressure although there are gauges for each aeration device.

  • Layer 1, Layer2, Hypo, CMD each rated at 70 cubic feet per minute
  • L-1 @ 17 ft. and L-2 @19 ft., discharge at 20 ft. for

Design Doc
Design Sketch
Design Sketch

Aerator Locations in Culver Lake

GPS Taken from Google Earth Map 9/2013
Continuous Mixing Diffuser

41 deg. 10 min 4.73 sec. N
74 deg. 46 min. 10.96 sec. W
Hypo. Limnetic
41 deg. 10 min. 7.30 sec. N
74 deg. 46 min. 13.71 sec. W
41 deg. 10 min. 5.90 sec. N
74 deg. 46 min. 10.69 sec. W
41 deg. 10 min. 5.24 sec. N
74 deg. 46 sec. 12.58 sec. W

Annual maintenance and operating matrix

2019 Aeration Log

Picture of Flowmeter after upgrade

System Operation Procedures

Programming Effector Flowmeter Display 3/18

Oct 2017, Repair Doc

L2 inspection Oct 18 2018

1998 Aeration Explanation (ECO Systems Consulting)

L1, L2 installation – 1998


Hypo installation – 1998

Abandoned Units (3)


Visual of where units are in lake Air lines
Sullair compressors Pipes with flowmeters and values