Board of Directors


    • President: Ralph Smith
    • Vice President: Erin Mills
    • Treasurer: Stephen Rauf
    • Secreatary: Mary Clare van den Heuvel


  • Greg Aromando, Barb Fischer, William Hart,  Jeffery Merlino, Jane Rubin and Chris Venezia

The property and business of the Normanoch Association is managed by the Board of Directors, nine in number, who must be stockholders of the Corporation.  Three (3) directors shall be elected each year for a term of three (3) years.  The term of elected directors shall be for three (3) years and a director may serve one additional consecutive three (3) year period. A director may not be a candidate for or be appointed to office again until after one intervening year following six years of service.

If the office of any director, or of any officer or agent, one or more becomes vacant, the directors then in office, by a majority vote, may choose a successor or successors, who shall hold office for the unexpired term in respect of which such vacancy occurred.  An unexpired term up to one and one half (1 1/2) years may be in addition to the elected terms of office of directors.

Any director failing to attend (60) percent of Board meetings in any one (1) year, which shall begin May 15 shall be asked to meet with the Board of Directors to have his/her ability to serve as a Director evaluated by the Board of Directors.  For the purposes of calculating attendance, the annual stockholders’ meeting shall be considered to be equivalent to one (1) regular Board meeting.

The directors may hold their meetings at any location of choosing.

In additions to the powers and authorities by these By-Laws expressly conferred upon them, the Board may exercise all such powers of the Corporation and do all such lawful acts and things as are not by statute or by the Certificate of Incorporation or by theses By Laws directed or required to be exercised or done by the stockholders, subject however to the limitations set forth therein.

The directors shall operate the Corporation in the accordance with its statement of purpose and not primarily for the purpose of making a profit for its shareholders.