About Us

Normanoch Association, Inc. is the owner of Culver Lake and is a corporation in the State of New Jersey formed and operated for the purpose of managing that ownership. 

The association’s primary responsibility is to protect the privacy of the lake for its owners and members against all outside encroachments by restricting use of the lake and associated facilities to its members.

Through the collection of dues and fees from said members and the prudent management of these financial resources, the association is also responsible for (1) paying all debts of the corporation, (2) protecting lake water quality, (3) providing certain recreational facilities for members’ use, (4) enforcing adherence to its rules and regulations for the benefit of the general membership, and (5) representing the common interest of the members and stockholders in certain relationships with the local and state governments.

The affairs of the Normanoch Association, Inc. are managed by its Board of Directors and Officers.  The Board consists of nine directors (9), three (3) of whom are elected each year for three (3) year terms by the stockholders at their annual meeting.  Each director must be a stockholder of our corporation.  The annual stockholders’ meeting is held in the morning of the first Saturday of August in the clubhouse to elect directors and transact such other business as may properly be brought before the meeting.  A notice of that meeting, together with proxies and other stockholder information, is mailed to each in mid-July.

Immediately after the Stockholders meeting, the Board of Directors holds its annual organization meeting during which it elects officers: a president and vice president from among it members and a secretary and treasurer of the Association who are not necessarily directors.  The Association’s responsibilities of management continue throughout the year.  The Board of Directors usually meets at least monthly and more frequently in the warmer months.  Committees of directors meet between Board meetings as responsibilities require.

In addition to the mailing related to the stockholders’ meeting, letters are usually sent each spring and winter.  They provide general information regarding happenings at Culver Lake.  In addition, the spring letter tells of plans for the busy summer season while the winter letter speaks of the annual membership renewal form which accompanies it.

Once this renewal form is received, it should be returned by mail, with the information, dues and fees needed to prepare for the coming year.  After it arrives in our office properly completed, our secretaries will process it and mail back a receipted copy with the member badges and stickers.

The Normanoch Association’s business office is located on the upper floor of the clubhouse.  It is open during published hours in the spring and summer and on a more varied schedule throughout the rest of the year.  Stop in during “office hours” or call whenever questions or problems regarding Association matters arise.  If no one is available, please leave a message on the answering machine which is connected to the 948-4251 line for members’ convenience. Calls will be responded to as soon as possible.

All calls to the Normanoch Association business office for the secretaries, treasurer and/or directors should be made to 948-4251.  Calls to the summer managers, staff and other should be made to 948-4221.